About Us

My name is Mandi Painter, I live on a small farm in eastern Oklahoma with my husband; who was also my high school sweetheart, Ronnie Painter.  We have been married for 7 years and have 2 beautiful daughters, Oakley who is 4 and Autumn who is 1.

Growing up in a small town we have always loved the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and horseback riding.  So it seemed natural when we got married to start a farm and begin raising cattle and other live stock.  Thus we began on this journey we love that is called "the farm life"!

Oakley became the inspiration for the invention of the Nottle.  She loved to help feed her pet calf "Suzy", but the 2 quart bottle was too big and heavy for her little hands to hold. It was a really frustrating for both her and the calf. 

We were perplexed with the problem until one day while watching her drink from a sippy cup with handles.  Then it hit me:  If the calf bottle had handles I bet she could hold it up.  So after a few prototypes and a year later; farmers of all sizes and ages have the helping hand they need. The Nottle allows the farmer to control the bottle easily.  The NOTTLE is an awesome feeding tool and is now ready to market.