Nottle News


In November 2017 we launched our product on Kickstarter. Although that campaign wasn't funded, we do not view it as a FAIL.

We view it as our First Attempt In Learning!

You can see our original campaign here.  

 Because of our efforts to share our idea, we were contacted by KFOR TV, from Oklahoma City. They came to our farm for an interview, and featured us on their "Is this a Great State or What" segment. 

You can watch our interview with KFOR TV here.  

 After our interview with the TV Station, we were contacted by Farm Journal Magazine. They featured us in an article in their February 2018 magazine. 

You can see that article here.

 We believe this is just the beginning for us! We will be updating this page as we are featured and carried in other venues. We hope you'll follow along. 

 If you have a dream you're building yourself, DON'T GIVE UP too early! Remember, it took Thomas Edison over 1,000 attempts before he successfully invented the light bulb.  

He held 1,093 US Patents. 

When he was asked by a reporter, "How does it feel to fail?"

He responsed, "I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

Stay Positive Friends. 

                                                                     Much love from, 

                                                                  The Nottle Company